We Make Technology Work For You

Here at You Wreck We Tech, we aim to be your one stop shop help center. We can help troubleshoot a myriad of devices and technologies. No more calling different companies and having them shift blame (ie microsoft blaming apple for excel not functioning), no more waiting on hold for hours. 

Our goal is to be your point person who knows your setups inside and out to make sure your technology works for you!

Whether it’s your computer, your cellphone or even your new “smart” doorbell, your technology doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. Devices can be compromised or have software issues, and wiring can get disconnected, among other things. Whenever something like that happens, it becomes an immediate concern – how do you fix the problem? Should you even get it fixed, or should you just replace the item? That’s where we come in. We’ll provide ongoing support so that, when something does happen, you know that someone will be there to help.

To help clients solve their technology related problem areas we have crafted our core solutions:

Support and Solutions – We offer support and consultative services for almost any device. Support can be achieved both in person or remotely depending on your area. We also implement data protection services ensuring that if something happens to your computer we can retrieve all of the data in minutes.


Customer Reviews

 "Merone Miltz of YOU WRECK WE TECH is the best computer person I've ever had. He is the only person that calls you ahead of time. Is always on time, clean and considerate.  One in a million!"

Lin from Nextdoor 

 "Computer repairman. Merone just worked on my computer to bring it up to date and remove viruses. He did a fantastic job and is even a nicer person. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking computer repair."

Eva from Nextdoor 

 "If you want a reliable computer repair man look no further you wreck we tech. i had marone come to the house and fix my labtop what a mench"

Michael from Nextdoor 

 "Merone is a champion. He remoted into my computer to help me with an issue I was having with my Macbook. He certainly knows his stuff and was a huge help."

Nir from Facebook